Friday, April 16, 2010

Don't Quit Your Day Job

I didn't. Instead, I got laid off today. I'm sharing it here because a few weeks or months from now I want to return and see in print exactly how I felt this day...surprisingly, pretty darn good!

Yes, there was shock. Being in a room with five others experiencing the same thing. My mind distanced itself from my body a bit and went into auto-pilot.  It became difficult to write my information or hear what the outplacement guy was saying. My body just wanted to stay still and recover.

After that -- I felt free. My body recovered, my mind linked back and I started to feel almost--exhuberant.  My mind was planning, checklisting...thinking, even as I packed my stuff and talked with the operations manager and my supervisor. No awkwardness whatsoever.  It also seemed that each person involved was doing their part in a caring, thoughtful way.  The only jarring note was the HR Director, who is always on-site during layoffs, was linked in by phone due to some plane issues (Icelandic volcano-caused, I think).

In the coming week, I'll be updating my LinkedIn profile and requesting the recommendations my managers offered (while the memory and the guilt of laying me off are still fresh). I may do a Youtube elevator pitch or introduction.  I'll contact the outplacement firm and begin to update my resume. I already called my former life coach and asked her to work with me again for 3 months. And I have a spot reserved in an upcoming small 6-week peer support group of career changes/job seekers called Success Teams.

I will also be grieving the loss of the physical act of going to work and working with the wacky, strange and wonderful guys on my team.  After almost 11 years of working for this company, I know I need to find or create a new structure, fast. It helps that I have a fast approaching deadline and an article to write.  Check out my latest on -- I interviewed  three rockstars of the curly world on curl highlighting techniques -- Christo, creator of the Curlisto haircare line, Denis Da Silva of Devachan, and Antonio Gonzales, master stylist at Orlando Pita Salon and a blogger and columnist for

I got laid off, but I feel like life is good. I feel taken care of.  It feels like God cleared the decks, gave me a soft landing and created a safe, open space for me to do...what? Follow him, and create whatever he tells me to.


  1. You have such an awesome attitude about this! I know you must be going through a lot right now, but you will certainly look back on this day and rejoice. Bigger, Better, Higher things r coming your way - remain faithful! God Bless!

  2. You know, with these day and times, this is something I live in fear of every single day because I do not have my financial world in order. Bless you for having such an inspiring outlook. May God keep your life in His order & may you prosper!!

  3. As someone who is awaiting for the ax to fall, I totally see how this would be a relief and a new start. I truly wish you all the best. (gemini from NC)

  4. I agree, your attitude is admirable. It will certainly help you get through these times as unscathed as possible. May He keep you up and afloat.

  5. Great attitude for real and I know that God will bring some amazing job/experience your way. It's been 22 months since I've been out of a job and 18 months since I've been volunteering.
    I'm actively looking for work since Feb 10 and I can't believed I survived all these months without paid work. It's amazing! But sometimes I get down and blogging and my close friends and family have really helped me to see the positive in life.
    If you ever do get down, don't forget how amazing Life is and that your dream will be fulfilled around the corner.