Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cheap Thrills - Suave Exhale Calming Body wash Lavender Vanilla

You've seen me in stores. I'm the woman opening the tops of products, creating testers when there aren't any testers. Sniffing at stuff. Discreetly squeezing out a bit to test the consistency and feel. Fragrance is a make or break issue for me since I am fragrance sensitive, especially to chemically created fragrances. Not for me Garnier Fructis, Pantene or Clairol Herbal Essences or VO5 Moisture Milks. So when I find an inexpensive, effective product with a non-irritating fragrance -- happy dance!

I first saw Suave Exhale at Target for around $2.00 and couldn't believe the price. It wasn't on sale. It has a lovely faint soothing scent and lists Vitamin E, Honeybush leaf extract, Provitamin B5, and White Tea extracts in the ingredients. As a body wash it works well; creamy suds that go a long way and rinse off well. And it doesn't dry out my skin.

After using up my bottle I went back for more and couldn't find it, so I bought Suave Naturals Lavender Vanilla Calming Body Wash, thinking it was a repackage. They are not the same. It has a strong bottom note of eau de cheap perfume that you don't want to inhale. Unilever, how dare you!

So has Suave discontinued Exhale, reformulated it, or what? Recently I snagged five bottles of the Exhale at another store so I'm set for awhile. But if they discontinue this in favor of the stinky reformulation, I won't be happy. I saw a Lime Verbena version on the web. Has anyone used it? Check in please.

What's your cheap thrill?

Ingredients: Water, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, Fragrance, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea, White Tea) Leaf Extract, Cyclopia Intermedia (Honeybush) Leaf Extract, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Acrylates, PEG 5 Cocamide, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Ammonium Chloride, Tetrasodium EDTA, Etidronic Acid, Sorbitol, Sodium PCA, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Ext Violet 2 (CI 60730), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891)

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  1. I've never tried this, but it sounds really good. Isn't that the way? soon as you find something you love - they change it or get rid of it>:<.

    My only cheap thrill is candy - which I can no longer have, but i used to love to eat Mike and Ikes. I would eat boxes and boxes in one sitting. I'd eat so much my jar would hurt^-^.