Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ten Things That Make Me Giddy, Happy and Blissful

This is a riff off a thread and which you can see here.

  1. Driving while it's sunny and warm, listening to WERS radio's a capella show, and singing along to the songs.
  2. NIA classes
  3. Interviewing really interesting people who do what I want to do
  4. A really good "O"
  5. Great conversation and connections
  6. Finishing a really good book and basking in the ending.
  7. Being in a pine scented forest and smelling that scent. It's an aphrodisiac for me.
  8. Lying on a sun warmed rock looking at cloud formations.
  9. A superb tasting dish or meal.
  10. Being on water (sailing, kayaking)
And one bonus:

Coming out of meditation lying there in blissful peace and my cat, like clockwork, sauntering over for his hug.

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