Sunday, May 31, 2009

He came with a 24-hour Warranty - PETCO Calendar Contest

Check out some of the story entries in the Petco 2010 Calendar contest. Or tell the story of how your pet changed your life. I have 2 cats. Here is the story of my eldest, Willie:

Fourteen years ago, my sister who lives in New Jersey thought I needed a pet. And as a volunteer at a non-euthanize shelter there, she had just the cat in mind -- Willie. He had been in the shelter for 2 years and was the pound mascot. I wasn't so sure I needed a cat, so sis threw in a 24 hour warranty. "If you don't get along with him, we'll take him back -- really!"

Such a deal! Who could refuse it? That, and the fact she said he was part-Siamese and very friendly convinced me. She and her husband drove Willie up from New Jersey to my home in Massachusetts.

After an entire night of loud yowling that sounded like cat yodeling, I was past ready to take my sister up on the 24-hour warranty. I called the next morning and was told "Oh she and her husband already left for New Jersey!"

And so Willie, an acrobatic one-eyed cat, came into my house. Hmm -- Sis never told me about the missing eye (surgically removed due to a very bad infection he got with previous owners.) And I have never been able to tell exactly what part of him is Siamese. Did I mention she is a lawyer? What was I thinking?

Fourteen years later, I am so grateful I wasn't able to give Willie back to my sister. It would have been like returning a blessing. He stopped yowling once he got acclimated, but has remained a "talker" -- and a very loving animal with a wonderfully friendly and outgoing personality.

At best guess Willie is now around 17 years old, but still spry and in good health. Most of the time he jumps from floor to bed unassisted, scorning the pet stairs. And occasionally he still clears the windowsill to click his teeth and fantasize about catching birds.

Pets ask so little of us -- regular feedings, shelter, medical checkups, and a chance to belong -- and in return they give us so much. I am eternally grateful to my little sister for her empty promises.


  1. I didn't know you were into KITTIES, too?! It's SunRae84 from I have my own blog about animals (since I work at a shelter). Check it out. It's called Praying Paws

  2. Hi SunRae84 - love the Praying Paws blog. Every single cat is so cute!

  3. Thanks, BUSHBABE! GLAD I FOUND A FELLOW CAT LOVA! :) I'm glad that you looked passed Willie's apparent "problem." HE'S SO ADORABLE! Keep lovin' the unloved!!!!